...Won't Come Home

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 I'd like to welcome everyone to my Web Page.  I am very excited about early reactions to my first novel "Won't Come Home" published through DogEar Publishing.  This book had a long gestation period with big gaps as I worked my way up the career ladder as a technician and then engineer while raising three children with my wife Jean.

My second book, working title "Place of Stone," will be completed soon and I hope that the marketing campaign I'm starting for "Won't Come Home" will help me to continue to build interest and find a wider audience. I left a 'good job' in 2010 to find the answer to the question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  I found that the answer was the same as it had been in 9th grade, when I discovered the comfort that I found in books,  "A Writer."


Jeff Morris


About Jeff Morris

After high school, I spent several years hitchhiking around the country. Following a stint in the Navy, I came back to Ohio, started school at OSU, accepted a part-time job, got married and started a family. My second wife, Jean, and I raised my three children by my first marriage. Jean is an accomplished foreign language educator.



Jake Preston slipped down the shoulder of Route 99. The sun was setting behind the low western hills; night air crawled in around his neck and wrists. He was south of Fresno, running into the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, and with each quick step the narrow strap of his faded duffel bit into his left shoulder. With each jerk he cursed the two dollar duffel bag and whoever had stolen his pack in Los Gatos.


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